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Welcome to the Wellington Foundry

Established over half a century ago, Wellington Foundry has evolved with time. We use some of most modern tools and techniques to produce innovative designs that stand the test of time. Based in Parksville on the beautiful Vancouver Island, Wellington Foundry offers a wide range of ironwork products, custom fabrication services and powder coating. From industrial-level design to individually tailored consumer products, our team takes pride in our work and strives to make sure that our customers are happy.

New Product Innovation

We collaborated with landscape architect (Dylan Chernoff @ DKL Durante Kreuk), on this new design. He liked the angles of our Rutherford picnic table and the finished clean look of the ends our Bayside Park Bench yet felt that neither design would be strong enough for the high use and high impact application it was intended for. We considered various options. In areas where the products were going to be installed, there was high likelihood that they would be “grinded” by the local skateboard community. It is for this reason the built-in skate blocks play a large part in this design. They help to protect the product while not compromising comfort.