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Wellington Fabrication Services

Often times a unique problem demands a custom solution. Our creative, out of the box thinking fabrication team has an extensive client list spanning across all sorts of industries. From industrial screeners to custom boat racks, hard to reproduce parts and creative designs, our team can find the solution for you.

Add the strengths of our foundry and powder coating services and we have the one-stop-shop combination!

Technical Facilities

Wellington Foundry uses the most modern tools and techniques in the industry. Our facilities include:
  • Camtec C & C router
  • 3 Lathes
  • 2 Manual milling machines
  • Plasma cutter
  • TIG welder
  • Wire feed welder
  • Push pull welder
  • Metal bender
  • 50 KW induction furnace
  • 200 lb. Aluminum melting furnace

Custom Fabrication Material Screener

Custom Fabrication Material Screener Side View

Compass Inlay for Custom Home

Whale Tail Sculpture Seating

Custom Fabrication Train Cylinder Parts

Metal Playground Helicopter